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Jabil Kennels - Experienced and Professional Pet Care You Can Trust

Boarding Rates (subject to change)
$15.00 per day
Small Breeds (up to Cocker)
Med & Large Breeds
Giant Breeds
$23.00 per day
$24.00 per day
$25.00 per day
Females in season $5.00 additional per day

Additional dogs and cats with same owner, deduct $1.00 per day per additional pet.
TLC, head scratches, tummy rubs, and nightly tuck-ins are no extra charge! At Jabil Kennels, we treat your pet as if it were one of our own, and we're unique in that we have enough staff to give your pet the kind of one-on-one attention that he/she would get at home with you.
Please email us at to make a reservation, or for more information.
PLAY TIME: If your dog is high energy, or just needs more exercise, you can reserve time in our play yard for a supervised workout on a one-to-one basis. The charge is $3.00 for 1/4 hour of whatever your dog enjoys. We also offer 1/4 hour leash walk (one dog, one leash, one walker) for $5.00
All boarders must bring proof of current vaccinations:
Cats: Rabies and Feline Distemper
Dogs: Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella